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Northstar Senior Living

Management Services

Congratulations! You have found the right company to manage your senior living community.


Northstar Senior Living offers a complete package of management services for the senior living industry. We have developed and refined our services to be the best and most economical operational tools in the industry. Northstar operations management brings it all together — Leadership, Systems, and Culture – to make your senior living community the option of choice — as a place to call home, as an employer, and as a place to invest. Our operations service package is designed to bring optimum value, team focus and organization to your senior living community by incorporating Northstar’s management platform and key elements of service.

Professional Senior Living Management Services at Northstar Senior Living

Managing senior living operations is the cornerstone of Northstar’s platform. It brings all of the skills and many, many years of experience of our excellent team to bear on the daily functions of your senior living community. Our team has encountered, dealt with and managed to solution every conceivable operational matter over the years.


When you hire Northstar you greatly enhance your chances of getting things right the first time. You also gain the benefit of our best practices – methods of operation that have been tried and tested for performance at all levels in many different locations. Our operational platform provides excellence in every area from resident care to maintenance of your physical plant to food service and everything in between. Why re-invent the wheel when Northstar has the answer already waiting for you?

Northstar Senior Living provides a complete package of accounting services for your senior living community. All operational accounting such as resident billing, accounts receivable, payroll, and accounts payable are efficiently monitored at our home office. All reports are produced timely and sent to the property owners providing a transparent and complete record of every transaction.


Northstar provides a comprehensive set of financial statements delivered by the 15th business day of each month. Our reporting package can be detailed to meet your specifications, either as part of our full service management arrangement or as an accounting services only package. Let Northstar provide you with exacting financial records that meet industry standards and support your financing requirements.

Northstar Senior Living boasts an average occupancy of over 90% across its senior living portfolio due to a very talented and highly trained Northstar Senior Living Sales & Marketing team. A strong and reproducible sales training program is helping Northstar’s sales and marketing team produce consistent occupancy results that in return improve the profitability and flow through of communities. Our National Sales Director trains and develops community personnel on how to sell and close sales while listening and meeting the needs of potential residents.


Comprehensive marketing and advertising plans are developed specific to each community and are updated quarterly to adjust to market demand. The sales process is continuously monitored using a state of the art software system to track leads, inquiries, tours, move-ins, and every measurable sales statistic. Reports are accessible to the home office as well as regional support associates for ongoing follow-up and training. Trends are analyzed on a weekly, quarterly and annual basis to determine the most effective strategies for each market.

Northstar Senior Living’s Human Resources department understands that our “product” really is our associates, who care for our elderly residents. We believe that we must first take care of our associates so they can care for our residents, who will then take care of the bottom line.


Northstar can relieve you of the burden of navigating complex personnel laws, regulations, and policies and provide you with a highly competent and caring workforce in a cost efficient manor.


Northstar’s approach to human resources management seeks to develop, train, and inspire associates to go the extra mile, to exceed resident expectations, and to deliver services as if it were their own mother, father, or relative receiving the care. Our culture of taking care of associates results in high satisfaction, high retention and high quality of care for residents.

Northstar Senior Living’s management platform is interlaced with state of the art information technology systems. This ensures that our operational focus remains on those areas of concern including: clear timely and accurate financial reporting, analysis of resident care plans and charges, sales and marketing initiatives, and effective cost control. The systems we utilize allow us to make solid business decisions which have resulted in substantial improvements in overall community profitability through both revenue enhancement and expense control.


An unique feature that sets Northstar Senior Living apart from our competitors is our helpdesk. We want our associates to be able to do their jobs as efficiently as possible. The helpdesk is only a phone call or email away. IT issues are resolved quickly so our associates can get back to doing what they do best – caring for our senior residents.

Licensing a senior living community can be a challenging task in the best of situations. Northstar Senior Living’s licensing team has successfully licensed dozens of senior living communities in multiple states and can help navigate and avoid common pitfalls that can produce costly delays. Northstar prides itself on its excellent working relationships with state licensing authorities.



The Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA) defines assisted living as a senior living option that combines housing, support services and health care, as needed. Assisted living is designed for individuals who require assistance with everyday activities such as meals, medication management or assistance, bathing, dressing and transportation. Some residents may have memory disorders including Alzheimer’s, or they may need help with mobility, incontinence or other challenges. Residents are assessed upon move in, or any time there is a change in condition. The assessment is used to develop an Individualized Service Plan.

Assisted Living - Read More (Click Here)

Residents of Northstar Senior Living communities have individualized care plans providing customized services based upon their needs. The following are examples of the services and amenities which are typically provided at our assisted living communities:


  • Three nutritious meals a day served in our gracious dining rooms
  • Assistance with bathing, dressing, dining, toileting, and ambulating
  • Professional housekeeping and linen services
  • Medication assistance and management
  • Transportation to doctors appointments, shopping, and places of worship
  • Individualized resident care plans
  • Coordination of care with the resident’s personal physician
  • Life enriching activities program based on resident preferences
  • 24 hour staffing
  • Secure environment

At Northstar Senior Living, we encourage resident’s independence through a coordinated and planned effort between families, associates, and physicians. Our residents can expect a thorough assessment to be completed prior to moving into a Northstar Senior Living Community to ensure a seamless care transition.


Northstar Senior Living’s individualized care plans allow our residents to pay for only care they receive. Residents who may need additional assistance have the following care options:


  • Incontinence management
  • Escorting to activities and meals
  • Complex medication management
  • Comprehensive assistance with activities of daily living


Our Memory Care centers are comfortable and homelike. At the heart of the Northstar Senior Living approach is our emphasis on the dignity of each memory care resident. Our staff looks for opportunities to help residents succeed at familiar tasks, whether it is making their bed or baking a sheet of cookies. These activities give residents the opportunity to experience the satisfaction of a job well done, yet a helping hand is always nearby.


Northstar consults extensively with family members to develop familiar and comforting activities for each Memory Care resident that reflect the routines they have established over a lifetime. We place a premium on involving our residents’ family members in their care. We frequently communicate with family members and encourage their participation in all aspects of life.

Preserving your memories at Northstar Memory Care


Independent Living offers seniors the freedom to enjoy and create a carefree lifestyle, free of worries from homeowner responsibilities. Imagine us preparing all your meals for you, and we even take care of your housekeeping responsibilities. Our Independent Living Communities provide all the services you may be looking for yet you are free to make individual choices that are easy for us to accommodate.

Live the life you desire at independent living at Northstar